Butterstevemc started playing Minecraft in early 2012 when his friends suggested he should play Minecraft.


Butterstevemc is a minecraft gamer. His real name is Nathan. He is the leader of the BudderArmy. His friends are Boxbon, Cavemanflips, Tony111_3, and Smurfy34. They are also part of the Butterarmy. Butterstevemc will minecraft youtube sometime in the future. He has 500 followers on Twitter. He will be on TeamCrafted. ButterPlaysmc is one of the fastest growing pages on Twitter.


Butterstevemc's skin is electric blue with a necklace and sunglasses. He has padding on his knees and elbows.


Like Skydoesminecraft, Butterstevemc calls minecraft gold butter.

Butterstevemc's sunglasses are made of obsidian.


Nathan was born in March 8, 2001. He lost his hearing when he was 5 years old. He had to wear a CI (Cochlear Implant).


Butterstevemc is afraid of minecraft squids, Herobrine and Redstoneninja.